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Alpha Schooling System

Alpha Schooling System aims to develop a high-quality standard networking system all over Pakistan to make sure that every student from Montessori to O level can have an education that would benefit them in the future. If you are interested in being part of this journey, then you can get the franchise of Alpha Schools by paying the franchise fees and we will let you know about the monthly services charges (Services Provided By Us). These services will start to work out as soon as the Association Agreement is signed between the two companies.

Admission Rules

  • The School’s Admission office is responsible to provide complete guidance regarding the admission procedure.
  • An Admission form will be filled out by parents to enroll their students.
  • The enrollment of the students will be done on the basis of merit, past performances, and entry tests to ensure that the student is capable of attending that class.
  • As soon as the student has enrolled a challan will be provided to the student from the admission office.
  • The Admission of the student will be confirmed when the fees of the student are paid and the following documents have been provided: –
  • 3 Passport-size Photograph of the student.
  • The Birth Certificate of the student must be attested by the competent authority.
  • Parental Guardian Father or Mother Identity Card must be provided.
  • The leaving certificate from the previous school and the transfer certificate (in case the student has transferred from another branch)

Architectural Advice and Support

  • To ensure that our campuses have the ideal infrastructure we will be providing you with a building plan.
  • To make sure that your school setup is done properly we will provide you with complete guidance, solution, and ideas to ensure this issue is taken care of.
  • A complete curriculum will be provided which will have modern learning and teaching techniques.
  • Faculty training sessions will be held to make them aware of the modern teaching techniques.
  • Branding techniques will be provided to compete in this market.
  • To ensure a perfect examination system faculty recruitment process will be provided.
  • A software system will be provided to ensure that you can manage your school matters.
  • Guidance on how legal matters must be taken care of in the different departments of the school and matters related to how a new educational system can be formed will be some of the many assistance that will be provided by us.

Alpha Testing System

Students entering playgroup and kindergarten are tested for english proficiency, aptitude and maturity. To be eligible for testing, a student must fulfill the age requirement as per the admission rules and regulations. Final admission and placement is determined by the principal.

Students entering class I to matriculation & O level are tested for class placement & aptitude. Priority is given to registered students, when class strength becomes a factor in admission. Final admission and grade placement is determined by the principal regardless of previous school’s class placement, in order to best fit the students into our system.

Our Teachers

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our kindergarten to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs

Our Mission for Kindergarten

The mission of our kids kindergarten is to provide a safe, loving, Christian environment in which the young child can be nurtured spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically. We pledge to work in partnership with the home and the church to meet the total needs of the child. We will strive to glorify Jesus before our students and their families as a witness to our community.

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